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The magic is in the Material.

Quality Cabinets require quality material. We offer a wide variety of materials that will fit whatever style you are searching for. Speak to our experts to see how we can design cabinets that will fit the style of cabinets that you are looking for. 

Cabinet Specifications 

  • Cabinet casing will be built with 3/4" plywood your choice of paint, stain, or a combination of both grade materials.  

  • Drawer Boxes to be built with 1/2" birch plywood and a 1/4" birch plywood bottom.

  • 1/4" backing on all cabinets.

  • We offer a wide variety of door styles and drawer fronts. Our most popular is a 5-piece flat panel door and drawer fronts. Click link below for more detailed specifications. 

Ready to start your project? Click here and fill out our cabinet check list. 

Click here to view available door styles.  

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